Out and about with my summer midi skirt

Last week, the OH and I decided to meet up with some friends to watch a film in the Edinburgh Film Festival. We had perused the programme quite a few times (believe you me, it’s not an easy task when there are usually about 5 films – or thereabouts – being shown daily between 18th and 29th June at various cinemas in the city) and had decided on a few films, but due to timings and other commitments, we weren’t able to see some of the others we were interested in. We did manage however to see A Practical Guide to a Spectacular Suicide and I thought with the weather being somewhat more summer like, it was a good opportunity to take my summer pink midi skirt out for a spin.

In the evenings, the weather does get cooler so instead of wearing sandals like I wanted to during the day, I had to switch to some Ed Hardys instead. Now for the more interesting bit, it wouldn’t be a fashion blog post if I didn’t give some details of what I wore my skirt with!

Top: Burberry Blue Label. Skirt: my own. Jacket: Mint Velvet. Belt: H&M. Bag: Shopbop + Born Free. Ring: my own. Shoes: Ed Hardy UK.

The great thing about such lightweight material is it lets the material breathe, so when the weather is hot, the air flow lets the material move and that is the beauty of creating beautiful garments that not only suit your body, but also allows others to be appreciate the design of a well-made piece of clothing.

As far as the film we went to see, it was a Scottish dark comedy film about the main character, Tom, who contemplates (and continuously fails) to commit suicide and enlists the help of others to try and achieve his end goal. Despite the subject matter, this is quite a good Scottish film and broaches a sensitive topic with due respect and makes the audience aware that it is not a taboo subject and someones the person sitting next to you on the bus may be going through some difficult issues and just lending an ear or showing a small act of kindness can sometimes do that one individual a world of good.

Having said that, if you know of anyone who may be struggling to cope with difficulties in their life, encourage them to seek help or contact the Samaritans by calling 08457 909090.

What do you think of my summer midi skirt? Have you got any suggestions on how you would have worn it?

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