New Year’s Resolutions: recap 3 months into 2014

I decided this year that I was going to set myself goals that I felt were achievable as my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions. Some of them were going to require hard work and determination, but I know that in the end, it would benefit me, body and mind. So just a recap to see how I’m doing so far.

Below is the list of resolutions I made at the beginning of the year and what I’ve achieved:

Keep up the twice weekly BodyCombat classes that I’ve been maintaining (with the exception of holidays where this wasn’t possible in 2013) for the past 15 months

I still remember the first day I started Combat: 1 September 2012. It’s now officially been 18 months since I first started and I have been religiously attending my twice-weekly classes with the exceptions of being on holiday. Right after my return though, I start up my classes again without fail. I’m proud of the fact that the energy I get from Combat is motivation enough to keep me going back. I might not like all the tracks they use, but it doesn’t affect my interest or determination to work harder every time I go back.

I’m also pleased to say that starting this weekend, I’ll also be upping my game by also taking on BodyPump classes to improve my upper body strength. That’s 2.5 hours this weekend of intense work out, only because I need to attend the initial half hour BodyPump Technique to familiarise myself with how to lift properly without straining/injuring myself, then it’ll be down to a 3-hour weekly workout.

Find inspiration for my jewellery and dressmaking projects and create something I’ve never done before (that means stepping away from the trusty dresses and making something completely different!). Need some inspiration? How about these ideas from Etsy?

I haven’t truly created anything new apart from the pendants I made recently with the same etched design. I’ve also been asked by friends of mine to make my etched filigree lily cuff for which I’m mighty pleased and currently working hard on in my spare time.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Custom order cuff I’ve been working on this weekend

Apart from that though, I have made my own glitter wedding shoes and flats which I’m really proud of. Then there’s also the labradorite ring I’m working on, so to some extent I’m getting there! But I’d pleased and more proud of what I’ve achieved in terms of my own designs once I come up with pieces of my own design.

Start a ‘Good Things Jar’ (or what I’d like to think of, and call my own, the Positivity Jar) and keep filling it with positivity, whether it be quotes, memories or photos

Since I started my Positivity Jar back in January, I’ve been steadily filling it up with positive memories and inspirational quotes from various sources. The visual reminder of my origami lillies that I put in my jar as a vase is a reminder that from positivity can come beauty and peace.

It might seem pretentious that my jar is getting filled up so quickly but it’s a personal reminder to me that there are positive moments and memories I’ve collected throughout my life, even if there have been negative events, dwelling on these memories does not help me grow as a person, but it’s also a jar for me to reach for when I need words of wisdom from the wise and those who have achieved inner peace and happiness with their lives. To give you an idea whose words I’ve been paying close attention to, Buddhist Boot Camp and James Michael Sama give you a realistic look at life and relationships.

Drink more water (which at the moment is the Volvic Touch of Fruit Strawberry kind, which I hope to move to tap water), and

I’m still working on this and I’m proud to say that while my progress is sometimes hindered, mainly by succumbing to my own sugar impulses, I have occasionally been reaching for tap water to go with my meals instead of fruit juice. I’ve managed to keep to my one can a work day only rule so far, but I’d like to know that eventually it’ll just be a matter of drinking Coke only for enjoyment, and not a habit.

Reduce my sweets/sugar intake (that includes working harder on my Coke and sweetie consumption, darn that sweet tooth!)

This is something else I’m still working on. As mentioned above, I’ve been slowly weaning myself of my Coca-Cola habits and to some extent, I have been reaching for water more than I have fruit juices, but when it comes to sweets I’ve at times refused to buy more from the shops and have resorted to either eating fruit or biscuits instead of the sugary delights. To some extent, this has had some success – I know now for a fact that this is a habitual consumption more than a sugar addiction – however I do need to try and reach for healthier options instead of losing the battle with temptation to buy and eat sweets.

For the benefit of my health (as well as my teeth), this is something I’m hoping will get better as time goes on. It really is, for me, a mind over matter issue. I need to work on giving into the temptation and steeling my determination to succeed.

Eat healthier, which includes less salt, soy sauce (my secret food vice), sugar and milk (doesn’t agree with me) by means of an elimination diet

I haven’t really been reaching for salt or soy sauce as much for which I’m really proud of. Milk hasn’t really been an issue for me, although I do add it to my tea, it’s not an amount that has adversely affected my digestive system, so all’s well on that end. I do still have the habit of adding soy sauce to my white rice although that hasn’t been too often recently. The only thing I really need to work on is the sugar.

Be more organised and sensible with my money, no more impulse spending (especially not with expensive goods!) and put aside some every month towards the Wedding pot

I’ve not been as successful as I’d like on this front, not because of impulse spending apart from my further reductions sale items, but the issue I’ve been having is a lack of funds. I’m hoping the tides will turn soon and my plans will be in motion again.

Go through my wardrobe at least 3 times this year to ruthlessly clear out anything I haven’t used/read/worn/touched in the last year to donate to charity

Not something I’ve managed to pick up just yet, but I will have to start sometime soon to give way for the coming summer weather!

How are you getting on with achieving your own New Year’s Resolutions?

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