A new way of blogging!

Source: innocent spread some good

When I was reading new posts from one of the blogs I follow, A Pretty Penny, I was drawn to the quick and efficient way information can be shared about yourself. So here goes!

Making: lemon drizzle cake

Cooking: My go to quick meal, mushroom fried rice
Drinking: Water…and Coke
Reading: Black as Night by M. C. Webb, after reading Fade to Black, novels about overcoming personal demons to live your life
Wanting: to cuddle up with my wee family when we see the kitties again
Looking: back on how much people in my life, past, present and future, have shaped who I am today
Playing: songs that put me in a good mood, like Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Wasting: space on my memory card taking lots of photos on my DSLR
Wishing: everything didn’t have to cost so much because of this dreaded concept called inflation
Enjoying: the simple life on a farm, away from the mad rush of city life
Waiting: impatiently to spend more time with the newborn lambs
Liking: being a part of life on the farm during lambing season, it’s always interesting to learn new skills!
Wondering: if the kitties are enjoying their holiday while we’re away
Loving: every moment I get to see something I’ve managed to achieve with my own two hands, whether it be jewellery, clothing or chores on a farm
Hoping: I would one day be allowed to have a lamb (although I already know the OH’s answer would be no)
Marvelling: at how much work goes into caring for and rearing animals, and running a farm!
Needing: to munch on snacks
Smelling: grass and animals
Wearing: my new Red Herring Think Pink wellies

Noticing: the beauty of the countrysidein North Wales
Knowing: I like spending time with animals because you can usually see what they’re thinking and feeling
Thinking: that life goes on, no matter who you lose in your life, yours still goes on
Bookmarking: inspirations for projects to start and recipes I’ve still got to try in my Momofuku Milk Bar recipe book
Opening: my mind to the possibilities of what pies I might have my finger in (figuratively)
Giggling: at the tails of wee lambs wagging at super speed
Feeling: content and relaxed

I’d be interested to know what your answers would be!

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