Craft project: Origami lillies

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When my friend told me about her intentions to make origami lillies, I was excited to start learning how to make them. I used to fold cranes and lucky stars, but lillies are my favourite flower and to be able to have lillies that are ‘safe’ in the house for the kitties was perfect from me.

There’s a tutorial available on Yankee Doodle’s blog, but I’m the kind of person who needs to see it in person and go through the motions to learn.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Origami lily tutorial

Luckily having folded origami cranes before, the techniques are pretty much the same, so I managed to pick it up quite quickly. It’s also quite a relaxing activity to take part in when you want your mind to be free of thoughts and just enjoy the process.
The Japanese are known for their attention to detail and patience in creating great things. Origami is one of those activities where you have to concentrate on each step and make sure it’s done right to get to the end result of a beautifully folded piece of origami art. Once you get the motions down, it’s a matter of running on learned instinct and you’ll be happy with the end result. It was fun to spend an evening learning about folding lillies while I got to teach Heather to fold cranes.

I’m still in the process of folding more lillies (my intention is to fold 80 of them) and I’ll post photos of my end projects when this is done.

Are you an origami fan? What’s your favourite design to fold?

One thought on “Craft project: Origami lillies

  1. Thanks for linking to my tutorial. Loved having an origami session last night! Comment on my blog with your end result – would love to see the beautiful bouquet you’re creating. PS – Alex loves his crane x

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