Dressmaking project: the midi skirt

Source: Maison Miru

I’ll be the first to admit that flared jeans and tunic tops might not be popular anymore, but I stick with the styles that suit me and I refuse to follow the trends unless certain key pieces that I really like. As each year goes by, the need to flaunt my body becomes less important (remember the early 20th century where flashing some stomach like Britney Spears was all the rage, or wearing really short skirts to show off your legs). The need to wear short or above the knee skirts stem from the fact that I’m 5’5″. I like wearing my heels, but when you’re small, any attempts at looking taller helps. I’ve also learned that no matter your height, you should be dressing for yourself and with styles that compliment your body shape and size. I prefer styles which suit my particular body shape and one thing that is on my list of fashion staples is the midi skirt.

One thing I’ve always been enamoured by are evening gowns. The long length and elegance in its simplicity, but luxurious adornments and feel of the fabric speak to me without feeling the need to be loud with bold prints. I’m starting to learn to love colour and sometimes that’s all it takes with a plain top or dress. I’ve also started to learn that below the knee length skirts are also quite elegant for everyday and work wear. When I started making my own shirt dresses and watercolour print tea dress, I began to appreciate the fact that A-line skirts that fall just below the knee can also be quite flattering.

High street shops sell midi skirts, but they’re not really the length that I’m looking for. As usual, the best way to get the style that you want (in, style print and length) to suit you is to make it yourself. I’ll be using the same – tutorial for the circle skirt but extending the length of the drop to just below the knee. When the hem falls to mid calf, for smaller people like me it can appear to swamp your figure, but cutting at the knee shows that you’ve still got legs to show. So when I was out getting materials for making my wedding glitter court shoes, I also went to Remnant Kings who were still having a sale on certain fabrics and found exactly what I needed for my midi skirt.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Jersey fabric and lining I got on sale from Remnant Kings

With a higher waist (just below your rib cage), it’ll also give off the illusion of longer legs, especially if you’re like me and have a longer torso and shorter legs (believe me, a friend of mine who was 5′ and I were talking about how hard it is to get shorter length jeans and realised we got trousers of the same length). With slightly heavier fabric, you can wear this during the slightly cooler months and pair with a knit, tights and boots. With the fabric I chose, I can still do this, but because it’s jersey, it’ll still be light enough to wear any time during the year. It’s also a simple pattern which means I could pair it with a simple top tucked dress it up for work or going out with heels, or I can pair them with flats.

Here are some of my midi skirt inspirations:

Source: Coast

Source: Cafe au Deux

Source: Neiman Marcus

Source: River Island

Source: nomadenvogue.com

Source: Nordstrom

Source: cherrylanecollection.com

Source: refinery29.com

What are your thoughts on the midi skirt? Would you ever get yourself one?

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