On the hunt for the perfect wedding shoes

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of dark red (burgundy? wine? prune?) coloured shoes to go with my dearest mummy’s wedding dress which I will be wearing on my own big day and I can’t wait! =) What surprises me is how it fits me just right, which means my mum was the same size as me when she was around my age! The only thing I need to do is unpick the altered stitching when it was taken in when my aunt borrowed my mum’s ‘kwa’ (the traditional Chinese embroidered with dragons and phoenixes – to signify yin and yang, also representing the union of man and woman – wedding dress which is red – to bring good luck).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Traditional Chinese wedding outfits for the bride and groom. Source: FunAwake

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Dragon and Phoenix Qungua, £53.25 from Chinese Clothing Online

I’m not normally someone who likes to wear bright red, but for the sake of tradition, I was willing to do so. I have to say I’m pleased that my mum had a really nice dress that she still kept though and was more my kind of colour – subtle but still elegant, and the darker shade makes the embroidered detail more pronounced.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
My mum’s ‘kwa’ or Chinese wedding dress

The dress is different from what is considered ‘traditional’, but I like the dress for the fact that it holds sentimental value to me (I’ll be wearing my mum’s wedding dress!) and that it’s unique. Chinese wedding dresses can either be bought ready made from Chinese department stores, but more often than not, brides who can afford it tend to have one custom made – this is the case for my mum’s dress. It’s not silk like the normal wedding dresses, but feels like velvet.

The only thing left to do is to find a nice pair of shoes to go with it. I had been thinking about getting a plain pair of court shoes, but the bride would normally wear embroidered shoes to match the dress. You can ask for these to be made, but as you can see from the photos above of examples of the ‘kwa’, this is normally in a bright red colour. I’ve been browsing quite a lot online for a suitable pair of shoes, but so far have only been able to find suede shoes. I feel like wearing something as pretty as my mum’s wedding dress is, I want the shoes to be equally pretty.

I have thought about possibly getting a pair custom made, like from Shoes of Prey, but even with credit I’ve got to use in my account, I’ll still be paying out £140 for a pair of shoes I may only wear once and that’s quite a hefty price tag:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Custom design red glitter court shoes, £161 from Shoes of Prey

I’m hoping to get a pair of shoes that will go well with the dress, but also will be something I’ll be able to wear more than once after the wedding. With a pair of dark red glitter court shoes though, I’m not sure that I would ever wear red shoes again. Then I saw the glitter shoes tutorial from Suzannah at Adventures in Dressmaking and I quite like the inspiration photo Suzannah posted of Christian Louboutin’s glitter slingback heels:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Christian Louboutin glitter slingback heels. Source: Adventures in Dressmaking

It’s not as pale a colour as the gold or silver heels I’ve seen from Louboutin, but I feel like the colour would be nice and would probably go well with my mum’s wedding dress with slightly more dark red/wine/burgundy added to the colour mix. I’m planning to go wedding shoe hunting this weekend to find any suitable shoes with leather or fake leather that I could use as my DIY project if I don’t find a suitable pair that looks great as it is. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced the DIY glitter court shoes would be the way to go. I’ll post a tutorial of my own once I’ve made the shoe, of course, although I’m not too bothered about spray painting the soles red, only because I feel that’s a dishonour to Louboutin and add to the fact that I’m also wearing an authentic pair of Louboutin slingback heels with my white wedding dress 😉

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Christian Louboutin No Prive Woodstock 120 slingback heels. Got mine on sale a couple years ago from Pam Jenkins

Speaking of wedding plans, I was excited to have received my parcel in the mail:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Engraged wooden hangers for weddings, £18.74 for 3 from CarveCode

As we plan to keep the wedding ceremony small, I’m only having the Maid of Honour and Bridesmaid, so as an added touch, I was really keen to get these hangers for the dresses. The text has been beautifully engraved and I can’t wait to hang the dresses on them. I’m also intending on added thin coloured ribbons to the hooks themselves for an added touch.

What do you think, any suggestions for the kind of shoes I should get to go with the Chinese wedding dress?

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