My first Resolution done: the Positivity Jar

In my previous post, I had set myself some New Year’s Resolutions which I felt were realistic for me possible to achieve. I’ve already started classes again last Saturday and now my routine of 2 classes a week this week and am proud to say that my muscles aren’t as sore as I thought they would be from 2.5 weeks of non-activity and only managing to accomplish one class while I was in Hong Kong for Christmas. I have now crossed off a second resolution from my list: starting my Positivity Jar.

My positivity jar

A novel I read on my Kindle last year (unfortunately I can’t remember the title off the top of my head) had a similar concept to the Positivity Jar, the mother of the lead female character in the book had just passed away from cancer, leaving the 17-year-old to look after her younger brother with the help of her boyfriend, who was also 17 and had a younger brother of a similar age to take care of. The ever-thoughtful and insightful mother thought it would be a good idea to leave a jar of lucky advice stars for when either of them felt the need for her infinite adult wisdom. See, the mother had taken the time to write a piece of useful advice or wise quote in each star to help them through their difficult times. Not that every one of us can relate to that situation, but each one of us will experience times when we’re not feeling in the best frame of mind and whether it’s from a past self or a quote from a wise person, we each feel the need for some inspiration at some point in our lives.

My friend, Heather, over at yankeedoodles started the idea on her blog earlier this year and it reminded me of the jar of lucky stars. In society today, everyone is stressed about paying bills, tax and finding a good (for a good few of us, a permanent) job that we can gain job satisfaction from. Sometimes a little reminder of the smallest pieces of joy and happiness in your life can really help boost your mood.

What is inspiring and the memories that make each person happy, smile and truly feel joy is personal and not everyone will have the same thoughts, photos, quotes or memories in theirs. I took a minute to sit down and remember the thoughts, memories and photos I wanted to include in mine. I’ve been constantly adding to it today, just remembering the little things that evoke happy memories. Even the smallest, and maybe insignificant memory, I’m adding it to my jar.

For example? I was waiting at the bus stop to get to work when this old man stops on his way past me, backtracks and tells me he thinks I’m really beautiful, and would I run off with him to get married? I kindly explained to him that I was already getting married, but thanks for the kind offer. The guy continued to talk for a while and left after getting a hug from me. It’s the little moments like these that I really appreciate and thrive in the kindness and jovialty of the Scottish people. Sure, there might be some people out there that might be aggressive and appear intimidating when they’re on drugs (like this old man was), but there are also those who are good natured and just like to talk to you. Bizarre, maybe, but it was funny to me. It’s not everyday you get proposed to on the side of a road by an old guy high on drugs, right? Teehee.

I didn’t have any spare jars or vases that I could use, so I went to my local Tesco’s and got this large acrylic storage container for just £6:

Go Cook Large Storage Jar, £6 from Tesco

As for the notebook, it’s really an old Dior diary planner I got years ago second hand, but because it contained note pages that I’d cut in half, almost to the size of note cards, they were the perfect size for each of my memories and quotes to be written on. You can either leave it beside your jar for convenience, but I’ve been keeping mine by my side. I find my thoughts come to me at random times during the day, sometimes when I’m on the laptop, sometimes sitting at my desk at work or on the bus. I’m the kind of person to forget small details unless I note it down, so I find it’s best for me to write it down immediately and I can always add it to the jar when I get home. I’ve still got plenty of quotes to find again and write down as well as photos to print off to add them to my jar too.

So what kind of thoughts and memories would you put in your Positivity Jar?

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