How I wear: my faux fur snood and Maison Miru statement necklace

With the drop in temperature (it was raining heavily with gale-force winds and some light snow on Friday, then it hit -1°C Saturday morning at 9:40am) here in Scotland, it’s time to bulk up on the layers not to catch a cold or lose any digits or limbs! It doesn’t mean that you need to stop dressing up just because it’s cold and with my new pieces from Maison Miru and my trusty faux fur snood, I was able to do just that.

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Faux fur snood, my own. Padded jacket, envyboutiqueclothing. Jeans, Primark. Boots, New Look. Bag, Accessorize.

I might look all bulked up, but sometimes it’s better to keep warm in the cold weather than to suffer for fashion! I use my faux fur snood everyday and this weekend, I decided to add a little bit of sparkle to my outfit. That padded jacket can’t stay on forever, especially when you’re indoors, right?

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Gloria Luxe Crystal Choker from Maison Miru

Excuse my windswept hair, it was quite windy when I was trying to get that photo taken! I’m not normally one to wear statement necklaces because I find it so hard to find one I like. I’ve been really tempted by all the lovely pieces from Maison Miru and I’ve got it on good authority that there will be more lovely necklaces to come in January! Statement necklaces look lovely no matter what you wear. To show it off better in the winter, wear a neutral coloured knit, preferably a turtleneck, high scoop neck or a V-neck as I’ve done. For longer opera-length necklaces, it’s better to wear a higher neck knit, but statement necklaces are usually better displayed on your collarbone.

I also took the opportunity this weekend to see my jewellery making tutor, Nicola Turnbull, and other craftmakers at Selected, the exhibition held at Dovecot Studios on Infirmary Street to see the artwork of contemporary Scottish crafters and jewellery designers.

Image Hosted by
Poster image for the Selected exhibition

I am proud to also say I was part of Nicola’s/a> current project where the sound waves of people’s footsteps are being recorded and turned into sterling silver jewellery! I find that to be a very innovative way of producing a piece of precious metal jewellery and can see how something so simple as the image of soundwaves can turn into a lovely necklace! On different days during the week, various craftmakers and jewellery designers will be at the studio to talk to visitors about their work as part of their Meet Your Maker campaign and buy any pieces on display (they’re all for sale!).

Entry is free, 7 days a week and is open until Saturday 21 December.

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