Getting prepared for a furry Christmas!

You can’t deny that with only 43 days left till Christmas, all the big supermarkets and shops are stocking up on Christmas goodies. We don’t have a Christmas tree at home because of the two furry menaces who like anything that moves, glitters or shines. But just like anyone who has a pet or child to dress up in time for the festivities, I happened to come across some funny (and cute!) outfits fitting for them to wear this year!

Image Hosted by
Christmas pudding suit, £10 from Pets At Home

Image Hosted by

The funny thing is how slim Nala is. With the Christmas pudding on, I can’t help but wonder if anybody ever made a pudding that wasn’t tubby. She fits in quite well with the pudding too, being spotty and all, but if she were a bit chubbier, she probably would have made a more convincing pudding. Don’t you think?

Image Hosted by
Nala the Christmas pudding

I would’ve swapped the outfits between them, but with the difference in size (Nala’s about 3.5kg and wears XS dogwear whereas Tigger’s 6.8kg and needs a S) and the lack of the needed outfit in her size, Tigger ended up with this one:

Image Hosted by
Reindeer hoodie, £10 from Pets At Home

Image Hosted by

I wasn’t surprised at all that Tigger would mind the shirt-like fit of the hoodie, we had a ‘Little Grinch’ elf shirt that Tigger wore when he was still a kitten, it’s a bit like a crop top on him now, so we used that last year for Nala who was quite happy to wear it. What was funny was how much trouble he was having with the reindeer hood on his head, he kept lifting his head up into the hood trying to see down, like you would if you pulled the bill of your cap down low over your eyes and you’re trying to look someone in the eye/face. Despite what the modelling photo looks like, I promise Tigger was quite happy to prance around in his new shirt.

Image Hosted by
Tigger the reindeer, Rudolph’s grumpy cousin

Just like with any other dog shirt/jacket you get for cats with walking jackets though, the hole for the D-ring of the collar to come through is at the neck instead of the ribcage, so I’ll need to get some buttonholes made on them before they can wear their new outfits for our Christmas meal with the OH’s parents this year.

Speaking of sewing, I couldn’t help myself from going to the fabric store to find what colour options I had for the fleece backing for when I finally make my own faux fur throw. In the end, I walked away with not only the faux fur, but a slightly darker colour of fleece as well!

Image Hosted by
Faux fur and fleece fabric for my throw – tutorial to come!

It was a toss up between a slightly darker shade of grey, or cream which would have maybe complimented the faux fur well because of the lighter, almost white colour, of the piling, but I thought that white would get darker in colour over time with dirt, and I like the contrasting colour of the shades of grey. I haven’t yet had a chance to start on the throw, but it’s easy peasy so I’ll make sure to put up a tutorial for it later this week, hopefully! So if you wanted to make one as a gift for someone you know who would love to snuggle up under a cosy (and fashionable!) throw for the home, this would make a perfect Christmas present, or even a useful item for the home if you’ve got people visiting who might get chilled with the coming forever-getting-colder winter weather!

Have you got any favourite outfits for dressing up your pets or children in? Would you be making your own faux fur throw for Christmas?

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