Keeping your precious jewellery safe

If you’ve got any pieces of jewellery made from precious metals that you take off for say, showering, going to the gym, swim or for working in the garden, you’ll be able to appreciate the dilemma I have of where to put my engagement ring.

At the moment, I’ve been keeping it in an organza pouch that I then keep in a coin purse with my other accessories for my twice weekly BodyCombat classes at the local leisure centre. It’s not ideal for me, because while the organza is soft to touch, it is a rough surface and can cause surface scratches to my palladium white gold ring. That’s when I came across this innovative design by AloraLocks.

Image Hosted by
Sterling silver lattice wedding ring holding pendant, £30.25 from AloraLocks

I got the above necklace because coming from someone who has to constantly take of her rings for work or other tasks, it’s an imaginative approach to keeping your precious keepsakes close to your heart without having to constantly wonder where you left it. The pendant itself is made from sterling silver and has a spring bail which means your rings are kept securely without having to worry about them falling off unexpectedly.

There are various designs and add ons to your choice of pendant at AloraLocks, some of which are shown below:

Image Hosted by
Sterling silver Swarovski birthstone charms (only suitable for oval pendants), £2.41 each from AloraLocks

Image Hosted by
Sterling silver heart ring holder pendant (available for pre-order), £45.05 from AloraLocks

Image Hosted by
Unisex sterling silver large twisted circle ring holding pendant, £22.53 from AloraLocks

For those who aren’t keen on wearing pieces of jewellery, there is also an alternative. While I’m waiting for my pendant to be delivered, I’ve been using a lovely tea candle holder that I emptied of the candle:

Image Hosted by
My ceramic lotus flower ring dish

This comes in handy because while wearing a secure pendant with a strong spring bail means you’re always carrying it around with you, I prefer not to wear any pieces of jewellery while I’m at my classes (who wants a pendant hitting your chestbones when you’re doing jacks?). It also means that when you’re washing the dishes and forget (like I usually do) that I’ve not taken my ring off yet, although I do take care not to get any dishwashing soap or soapy water onto my ring (one of various pieces of jewellery care advice), having a dish near the sink, whether in the bathroom, kitchen or both, is a quick and easy way of getting it off.

Small dishes or tea candle holders can be easily bought without breaking the bank:

Image Hosted by
Small flower shaped ceramic ring dish in blue and white, on sale for £5.50 from BlueButterflyCrafts

Image Hosted by
Turquoise aqua porcelain ceramic flower ring dish with a lace imprint, £13.42 from SpringwoodPorcelain

Image Hosted by
Green ring holder in shimmering glaze and ruffled edges, £11.58 from sheilasart

Image Hosted by
Hand sculpted white porcelain bird ring holder with matte glaze, £18.02 from MelissaMayaPottery

Another option would be, of course, if you like making your own pieces to personalise your home space or can’t find a dish to suit what you’re looking for, you could always try making it yourself! Christina at Intimate Weddings blog has put up an easy to follow tutorial on how to make your own ring dish which you could also use as a beautiful presentation dish for the ring bearer at your wedding, or make it for a friend’s wedding!

Image Hosted by
DIY ring dish tutorial from Intimate Weddings blog

Which method would you prefer for keeping that important piece of jewellery safe?

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