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Ever since my OH and I decided on the kind of engagement ring we would get (well I did) and that we wanted eco-friendly Fairtrade-supporting jewellery designer Lilia Nash to do it for us, I had already started planning the wedding in my head.

I knew that I didn’t want anything too fancy and that I wanted to keep it simple but elegant. Not that I want to give too much away before the big day, but with our upcoming prospective wedding venue visits coming up, I’ve been putting the Wedding Planner binder I got as a birthday present to good use and started to get more and more organised where I can.

Just to give you a little peek into how things are progressing, I already got a wedding dress pattern which I will use to make my own wedding dress and I’ll reveal it closer to the time when I’ve actually made the dress. I’ve still got the Chinese tea ceremony dress to think about (still trying to decide whether to get the traditional Chinese jacket and dress combo or to make and wear my own Qipao – or in Cantonese a kei po). I’ve also got the dress patterns for the Made of Honour and Bridesmaid dresses which luckily for me comes from the same pattern and includes both sizes that I need.

When it comes to accessories, I already decided that I was going to keep the traditional white colour for the wedding dress, so for me to compliment my lovely pink sapphire engagement ring, I would choose some pink accessories to go with it. I’m not going overboard with this because having too much pink would be too tacky. One of the accessories I’m really excited about is the pink fingerless lace gloves I got recently from Gwen at ZenAndCoffee on Etsy:

Image Hosted by
Akarameru Floral Lace Fingerless Gloves in Pale Peach Pink, £20.36 from ZenAndCoffee

I didn’t want to go with the traditional satin gloves because while I like some traditions and vintage styles, I like to also keep it modern. I already decided on the fabric I would use on my dress, but I haven’t fully decided yet whether I would have anything else to adorn the dress. The gloves are made from stretch lace and I like the freedom of having the fingers free so that the rings can be nicely displayed for photos on the day. If you’re picky like me, the type of lace used will also be an important factor. With so many types and styles of lace these days, finding one that suits your style can also be difficult. I’ve also got small hands and wrists, so the personal touch of Etsy combined with Gwen’s accommodating and helpful manner in getting the right fit for my gloves made ZenAndCoffee the perfect choice for me.

Some of the other gloves I was also considering were these:

Image Hosted by
Ivory Bridal Fingerless Gloves, £21.63 from WeddingWomen

Image Hosted by
Lace Fingerless Bridal Gloves: Handmade Wrist Cuffs Charm of Pastel Peach Pink Elastic Lace, £15.27 from MammaMiaBridal

I really liked these gloves because they give a wide cuff look to it if you like poet sleeves. My only concern is for practicality’s sake, the ribbon ties coming undone and maybe getting the cuff dirtied when picking up things, when cutting the cake or eating terrifies me because I’m such a klutz. With the stretch lace fingerless gloves from ZenAndCoffee, the gloes will be fitted and while aesthetically pleasing will also mean I would only really have to worry about dropping food onto them!

While we’re on the idea of rings and jewellery, I also recently discovered this great shop that I’ve been reading lots of positive reviews about and could possibly interest men (and women) to buy this, whether as a gift or wedding favours:

Once you light the wick of one of our JewelCandles, you’ll experience incredible bliss – a terrific fragrance that fills up your room to take you away to paradise! Please pay attention to our warning: These candles will become addictive! Once you light a JewelCandle, you will be begging for another soon to come!

You will discover a high-quality jewel surprise in EVERY single JewelCandle. Every Jewel is worked into the scented wax carefully. After 10-15 hours of burning the Jewel will appear on the surface of the wax.

About Jewel Candle

Image Hosted by
Scented candles with a surprise sterling silver ring, £24.95 from Jewel Candle

Image Hosted by
Scented candles with a pair of surprise sterling silver earrings, £16.95 from Jewel Candle

Depending on the candle you choose, you will receive a ring or a pair of earrings worth between £10 and £250. The candles come in a range of lovely scents from Pink Cherry to Pina Colada, or Apple Pie to Crème Brûlée. How could you resist? I’ve been looking through the candles, but couldn’t yet decide which ones of the above to get, and then you still have to decide between a ring or a pair of earrings!

What do you think? Which Jewel Candle would you choose? Have you already got one? Share photos of the piece of jewellery you received!

What about your wedding day, did you wear any gloves? What was your favourite accessory on your big day?

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