Learning the techniques…with Craftsy!

While we’re still on the note of jewellery making, if you don’t have the time (or budget) to enrol in a class, fear not! For those of us who are busy with other matters and are trying to juggle various activities and hobbies, there is a solution.

While websites like Ebay caters to auctioning and selling items (designer or wholesale) at competitive prices and Etsy in vintage or handmade goods and supplies, Craftsy operates in a similar vein, but instead offering online classes with video tutorials!

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We know that anything we want to create is in our hands. No matter our craft of choice, from quilting, to knitting, to sewing, to cake decorating, and more, together we take our skills to new heights alongside the world’s best instructors. We inspire and support each other with helpful tips and positive feedback along the way. We pour our hearts and souls into our projects and take pride in what we make.

We believe in providing the best education. We believe in handmade. We believe in you.

Join us to begin your crafting adventure!


All tutorial videos are produced by individuals who have experience in teaching classes or have the expertise in that area to explain exactly what you need to do to build on those skills. Each online class also includes an overview of what the class will teach you, a lesson guide and materials you will need. Just as with any retail site these days, you can check out the reviews by other people who have taken the class and decide for yourself whether it’s right for you.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
An overview of the class, Wire-Wrapped Stones, Crystals & Clusters with Aga Kruk

It’s not all about jewellery making either. When it comes to crafts, you can browse classes in photography, sewing, cake decorating, food and cooking, crochet, paper crafts and spinning to name a few! Like a digital download, whether it be music or an online dress pattern, once you’re enrolled you can access the class as many times as you like. To also find out what other people who completed the class made, you can also check out the ‘Projects’ section of each class to see what other people have made!

Registering is as easy as providing an e-mail address and creating a password. You can even try browsing through some of their free classes to see what you think of the teaching method. I’ve already enrolled myself into the Micro Torch Basics class with Kate Richbourg to see how I get on. First, I’ll need to complete my jewellery making class and find out which butane torch is recommended before I can do anything!

If online tutorials are your thing, you may be interested in silversmith Stu Art’s blog, silversmithblogdotcom which goes into detail with tutorials here and there about projects he works on.

Have you tried any of the classes from Craftsy? Do you think an online class would benefit your busy schedule?

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