Creativity – recording words of wisdom

Everyone has their own way of expressing their creativity, whether it’s with their voice, playing musical instruments and writing their own music, drawing or painting art on canvas, or even by putting pen to paper and writing their thoughts in a diary, creating stories or poems. I was always interested in drawing and painting, but unless it was still life and doesn’t involve drawing a person’s face (I was terrible at drawing eyes and noses, my attempts at realistic works of art resembled Picasso more than van Gogh) I couldn’t do a good job of it. While I played the piano and later decided to try my hand at learning to play the clàrsach (the Celtic harp), I realised that I was quite selective in what motivated me to play. I like simple classical tunes, but see the ones where they train your fingers’ dexterity, playing chords and arpeggios and all that? Not my cup of tea.

I knew from a young age that my passion came in the form of writing. While I might not be the world’s best speaker in public (I tend to say what thoughts are running around in my head, sometimes I even start off a topic that I started in my head without realising it, in conversation), I’m able to put down in words better what I’m trying to express. I struggle sometimes to put spoken words into coherent thought because of the multitude of words that go through my head. Sometimes I even give narratives on things that I have a great interest in and go into another topic without finishing the first.

Writing down my thoughts in my personal diary and expressing my interest and sharing my DIY and dressmaking projects on this blog has allowed me to share my thoughts and interests in ways that benefit me – writing personally is a therapeutic process for me to note down any positive (and negative) experiences in my life, while sharing my shopping and DIY/dressmaking interests allow me to share my knowledge with those of you who visit this blog.

Earlier in the year, I posted about the affordable French designer brand Velvetine for rock themed hardware on their sumptious leather bags. Velvetine reminds me of another celebrity favourite brand Thomas Wylde which is quite popular in the US, but try finding products, especially bags, to buy in the UK and you’ll find it’s quite difficult. Fear not, for Velvetine has an online store for you to purchase jewellery, accessories and bags wherever in the world you are! I really liked the Sean bowling bag (yes, I ended up getting the grey/brown version), and now, it’s the Zakk hobo in black that has caught my eye:

Image Hosted by
Zakk hobo in black leather, €322 from Velvetine

Image Hosted by
Source: Velvetine

I’ve always been partial to hobo bags, it’s slouchy in its unstructured design which means you don’t have to worry about keeping the papers stuffed inside to keep its shape and with the wide straps, you can either carry it in your hand, or wear it on your shoulder. What has really caught my eye is that they’ve changed their original hardware design from a cross stud lock closure with a laser cut ‘Velvetine’ pin to the silver or gold snake wrapped around a crystal on their central closure strap. The Zakk is also big enough to carry your essentials, but I like the fact that even though the Sean appears to be big in size, it doesn’t overwhelm my petite stature and I believe the same could be said for the Zakk hobo.

Turning now towards other readers who fancy a bit of creativity, writing can be a great way to let go of those feelings that you don’t want to tell anyone else. We’ve all had times when we have all these thoughts bottled inside us that we want to tell somebody, but feels too intimate to speak to even your closest friends about. I admit that on more than one occasion, this has happened to me and holding it all inside can be quite distressing. My way of coping through these tough times is to write all my thoughts, uncensored and honest, in my diary. This is my own private book of thoughts that nobody (not even my OH) has had access to. If keeping a book of your most intimate and personal thoughts isn’t your thing, you could also try this method: write to the person who your thoughts are directed to (if you don’t have thoughts about anyone in particular, think about who you might want to write to about your thoughts) as if you were writing them a letter. Be honest and don’t hold back on what you want to say, that letter will never get sent unless you want it to be. Once the letter is written, when you’re ready burn the letter (with adult supervision where required) safely.

Keeping your thoughts in a safe and protective space is just as important as being able to write it down, you don’t want someone reading what you’ve got to write, but to encourage you to start, why not get a diary/notebook that you really like to encourage those first steps?

Image Hosted by
Baroque Ventaglio diary. Source: Paperblanks

Image Hosted by
Floral Art Journal made from 100% Recycled Materials, £17.51 from PaperPlaneStationery

Image Hosted by
A5 sized handmade gilding medieval style navy blue leather personalised journal, £58.87 from Leatherdust

Image Hosted by
Silver Filigree diary. Source: Paperblanks

Image Hosted by
Lapise Stone Leather Handmade Diary, £11.12 from handmadeforyou10

Image Hosted by
Art Journal with Recycled Mixed Papers, £19.62 from heavensentcrafts

Image Hosted by
Alice In Wonderland Rare Quotes Altered Moleskine Journal, £9.16 from ifiwerecards

Image Hosted by
Handmade galaxy cosmos journal, £17.01 from Patiak

Please remember that if you are experiencing any symptoms of depression, you should seek support either from a counsellor or contact your local GP or the NHS. It can range from mild/moderate to severe clinical depression and can often be overwhelming, so much so that normal activity and productivity is hindered. Don’t ignore these symptoms if they get to be too much. Sometimes the support of family and friends is enough, but sometimes receiving professional support can go a long way.

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