The wonders of goat’s milk cream for skin problems and Werther’s Original for sore throats!

I know I mainly update this blog on any fashion, dressmaking and craft ideas that catch my eye, but one thing I’m sure a lot of people will benefit from is good health care remedies with everyday problems. My dad’s a GP so whenever we get ill, we talk to my dad, he gets pills from his clinic or from the cupboard/fridge and we follow strict instructions on taking the medicine until it’s sorted, but it doesn’t always work or it takes too long for the medicine to take effect. It might not be commonly talked about, but one thing I’ve learned from old wives’ tales is they’re not actually all myth – some of these ones that I’ve tried actually works!

Dry skin, eczema and psoriasis The assumption is, when you’ve got a condition like eczema or psoriasis, it’s a medical condition so you go and see the doctor. They prescribe you with steroid creams and it doesn’t really help in the long run. I recently had issues with my hand where little itchy bumps started to appear. I thought at first this was because of dust mites, but even when the whole house was clean and the bed sheets washed, it was still there. Apparently, my OH’s brother had the same issue when he was younger and their mum tried the steroid creams to no avail, so turned to goat’s milk cream instead. I can assure you it’s perfectly respectable, nothing too….unusual when it comes to ‘natural’ ingredients like sheep’s placentas involved (yes, it is a product you can buy from New Zealand as an anti-ageing cream believe it or not). All it is, is goat’s milk is incorporated into the cream formula, exactly the same as you would buy cow’s milk bath soaks. The natural anti-inflammatory aspects of the milk does help, as you can see by doing a search on goat’s milk cream and reading the reviews from different brands.

When I mentioned my problem to OH’s mum, she immediately gave me a small pot of her goat’s milk cream and lo and behold, my little eczema bumps disappeared in 2 weeks and now looks as good as new, no scars or trace of the bumps ever having been there! Apart from the itchiness being a nuisance, it was also a big problem for me…because it was my left hand it appeared on. Now, imagine friends/family/colleagues wanting to see the ring and having to show my scarred bumpy hand…not a great image, is it?

From the reviews I’ve read, I quite like the sound of Orba Original’s goat’s milk cream. All natural ingredients and it actually works! People with consistently dry skin have also made reviews on the product and have praised the moisturising abilities of goat’s milk cream.

Image Hosted by
Orba Originals goat’s milk cream, £11.99 on Amazon UK

In case you were wondering, it is a different brand from the one my OH’s mum gave me a sample of, but in comparing the reviews between the two brands, there isn’t much difference, even the difference in price is minimal. But for those who want what I’ve been given, here it is:

Image Hosted by
Elegance Natural Skin Care Goat’s Milk Moisturising Cream, £11.55 from Amazon UK

Sore throatthe common things you do when you get a sore throat if you have a doctor for a dad is ask for medication. Usually it means taking a pill or two for a whole week though. More commonly, people are reaching for lozenges or Strepsils, but what people don’t realise is that you can have sweets to help with your sore throat! I normally get Strepsils, but have you seen the price of a pack of 12 Strepsils at the supermarket lately? Almost £2.50, just because of the brand itself!

Next time, go to the sweetie aisle and grab yourself a bag of hard sweets, it’s the production of saliva that helps kill the germs and sucking on a hard sweet means you’re producing more of it. Another thing is, if you want to enjoy it but don’t want to think too much about the sugar, suck on a Werther’s Original butter sweet. It doesn’t sound too appealing in the beginning, I didn’t use to like it, but after trying it (another one of OH’s mum’s remedies) I found it actually works much better than a Strepsil! After taking a Werther’s Original, my throat stayed fine and the soreness didn’t come back; sometimes I find myself sucking on a Strepsil every 3-4 hours or more for it to go away after a few days or so!

Image Hosted by
Werther’s Original butter sweets, approx. £1.79 from your local supermarketCan’t really remember any other fun/natural remedies just now, but feel free to let me know if you’ve got any you want to share!

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