Sometimes the most elegant pieces can be made from something simple. I recently discovered the beauty of Scottish sea glass, also known as mermaid tears or sea jewels, are pieces of glass washed onto the shores and beaches. The glass is naturally weathered by the sea, sand and other elements of the sea, creating it’s unique frosted appearance. Some jewellery designers specialise in sourcing pieces of sea glass on local beaches to produce unique pieces of jewellery. Although inexpensive, the designs are elegant and simple and can be worn with casual or more formal wear, depending on the design of your piece.

More specifically, being in Scotland has made me appreciate and support independent local businesses and I’m more than fascinated by the designs from Scottish Sea Glass by Gaynor Hebden-Smith as you can see from the photos below:

Image Hosted by
Scottish Sea Glass commissioned pendant necklace

Image Hosted by
Scottish Sea Glass pendant necklaces

Image Hosted by
White sea glass, freshwater pearls and clear crystals

Prices range between £18 for earrings to £30 for simple pendant necklaces, or you can get a quote for a custom piece using your own sea glass by contacting Gaynor.

View more pieces from Scottish Sea Glass here:

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