New year, new opportunities

I’m normally not a big fan of new year resolutions, but I feel with how I ended the year 2012 (started body combat and DIY in craft and dressmaking projects), it’s time to try and shake up my comfort zone.

I felt like I put all my inspirations on Pinterest, but there wasn’t really any room to share my thoughts, frustrations and concepts. I’ve also noticed that I’ve had a good number of people repin my inspirations or follow my dressmaking board and although I’ve never had a blog apart from that teenage period of Xanga (can’t believe I admitted to that), so I thought why not?

So in order to share my own designs and inspirations or fashion obsessions with like-minded fashionistas, I’d like to share what interests me, what I’ve done and offer my thoughts on what’s considered ‘in fashion’ and to hear what people have to say about it.

To kick off, here’s a photographic recap of how everything started:

Initially, I found this great book which was recommended in Marie Claire called DIY Couture: Create Your Own Fashion Collection. It teaches you how to use existing clothes as patterns for making some classic pieces like the skater skirt, the Greek goddess dress, the romper and so on. Lucky me, my other half decided to get it for me. I decided to try and find a smaller project to start off with. Around that time, a really close friend of mine had recently passed away from ovarian cancer, which prompted me to make this sock monkey in her memory:

Image Hosted by

I thought carefully about what I really wanted to kick off my dressmaking projects. I realised how difficult it was for me to find a shirt dress with a full skirt in high street shops. I wasn’t too keen on the straight ‘shirts’ they also call dresses because of the length as they were too straight. I managed to find this great pattern (Style 2104) that was exactly what I was looking for in a dress. With a some help from my partner’s mum, I managed to make my first dress:

Image Hosted by

Following the blog Adventures in Dressmaking, I discovered the new faux fur trend and with the cold Scottish weather, decided to make my own. I went a little overboard when I realised the potential of some great materials I found at the local fabric stores and ended up with 3 faux fur snoods of my own (the leopard, deer(?) and tiger print ones) and gained interest from my colleagues into making them snoods too (the cream was for one of them):

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

and last but not least, having done my first shirt dress, it made me think of my original inspiration which was the one Blair Waldorf wore in an episode of Gossip Girl (which I can find no trace of). I realised the only way (after hunting various high street stores and ebay for several months) to have the tartan shirt dress I want is to make my own. So I did:

Image Hosted by

Now I’m in the process of making one for my friend (with the Black Watch tartan) and will post a photo of the final dress when it’s finished.

That’s all for now. My next post will be shorter, I promise.

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